Need a Business Application? - Know Which Technology You Should Select

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Need a Business Application? - Know Which Technology You Should Select

As the pandemic forced physical distancing and imposed global lockdown, its impact is still driving a rise in mobile usage. Thus, a standalone and responsive business mobile application will improve branding besides retaining customers.

These days, businesses wish for selling products, extending assistance, offering discounted services, and sharing information authentically. For this, these enterprises require making the mobile app accessible and user-friendly.

After all, a mobile business application identifies the way these apps function. So, it’s imperative to figure out the mobile development technology for mobiles that serve the quintessential business requirements. For a standalone mobile business application development, it requires these major technologies. Let’s read through the narrative presented below.

#1 Chatbots Powered By Voice Assistants

The primary benefit of incorporating chatbots with voice assistants in business applications is its automatic human interactions. Besides being cost-effective, AI integration also enhances user engagement. As per anticipations, customer interactions are going to expand the possibilities after some years. With that, channels supporting AI will improve customer communication even more than today.

#2 Augmented Realities into the Business Space

In addition to the sheer reports indicate its anticipated prominence; Augmented Reality is the core subject of every business today! After all, it has become extensively pervasive today.

For an accurate business software solution, industries are going to adopt AR-powered tablet and mobile apps in the near future. This includes significant industries, including training, education, industrial maintenance, and healthcare, to mention a few.

#3 Implementation of Online Wallets

The e-Commerce industry is taking advanced initiatives to spur the development of digital wallets. And much to the knowledge of industry experts, there are multiple reasons why it encourages customers and shoppers to adopt online wallets. To mention a few, they include:

  • The convenience of using these wallets
  • Availability of inexpensive smartphones or software
  • Extensive promotion from accounting service providers; and
  • Ease of use

#4 Adoption of 5G

2020 has witnessed an increase in customers’ demand for:

  • Low latency
  • Faster data speed
  • The improved user experience by AR as well as VR
  • Seamless video conferencing
  • UHD videos, and
  • Gaming

With an upsurge in these demands, it’ll forcibly drive the adoption of 5G!  For business application development, 5G services will initiate expanding at a speedy pace by the end of next year. 

#5 AMP-Optimised Mobile or Web Pages for Business

The loading time has an inverse impact on the business’s bottom line! And a successful e-commerce website, even a one-second delay will affect drastically in the loading time. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin is becoming a prerequisite that determines the ranking of the mobile website.

As a matter of fact, AMP-optimised pages (be it web or mobile) will rank better and faster. Additionally, it might own double the chances of converting visitors into prospective customers.


It goes without saying that mobile applications have become a convenient source of interactions between customers and business. After all, these applications can deliver the right business software solution for any e-commerce website!