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Our Services

We provide products based on Web Application, Desktop / Software Application, Android / IOS Application & FrontEnd / Backend Services to clients.

At our development services, we specialize in creating custom software solutions that help businesses achieve their goals. Our team of experienced developers has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Backend Architecture Development

We provide server / backend services to the companies. Amazone web services, Node.js + MongoDB + ExpressJS, Python, Spring, Hibernate etc are the major technologies we use for the Backend Services.

Web Application Development

We adopt holistic approaches that include frontend, backend, user interface, etc. while developing the web applications. The use of advanced technology like Angular, Node JS, and MongoDB enables us to develop best-fit solutions for the given business problem.

Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid Applications bring better user experience across various devices. We utilise advanced technologies that suit your business requirements. We have experienced developers for React Native,Flutter, Ionic etc that offer right & cost effective solutions.

Data Science and Analytics

AppCurators Technologies with a team of experienced professionals empowers the clients to make data-driven Business Decisions. With the help of the most advanced tools, we enable you to make the right decision.

Mobile Application Development

We use all available resources to make sure that our apps for Android and iOS will work smoothly on every device representing this popular platform. Our engineers utilise Java, C++, Swift, and a full stack of related technologies to provide customers with reliable solutions.

Desktop Application Development

We use Qlt (C++ Framework), ElectronJS a framework of Node.js, Node.js, Python, Java and C# Technologies to build the desktop applications compatible with all platform / OS like Windows, Linux etc and Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, Python etc for their backend as per the requirements.


The well-experienced team of professionals develops the best fit solution. The right solution increases efficiency and so enables you to meet your business goal.

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Our Process of Development

Everything you need to know about the design and technologies. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.


  • (a) Feasibility Report
  • (b) Requirement Analysis
  • (c) Requirement Definition
  • (d) Requirement Specification

  • (a) Define the team
  • (b) Business Objective of Sprints by Product Owner
  • (c) Defines Sprint Goal
  • (d) Forecast PBI's for the Sprints
  • (e) Development Plan

  • (a) Wireframing
  • (b) POC & Low Fidelity Designs
  • (c) Medium Fidelity Designs
  • (d) High Fidelity Designs

  • (a) Proper Project Management
  • (b) Regular SCRUM meetings of teams
  • (c) Continous Integration and Deployment

  • (a) Requirement Analysis
  • (b) Testing Planning and Test Design
  • (c) POC & Low Fidelity Designs
  • (d) Retesting & Testing
  • (e) Release testing

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