Future of Digital Marketing

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Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, a word that we have come across so so many times in the last few years and are bound to come across even more in the coming years! That’s how big a scope it has in the future market. 

These fast evolving marketing trends have been so fast, that the traditional marketing techniques and principles now hold almost negligible value. We will try to look and put across some marketing trends that will shape out the future of digital marketing by 2025.

Some key Digital Marketing trends :-


  1. Artificial intelligence

Another term you might have heard of a lot more in the past couple of years than you have in the preceding 15-20 years! According to a survey by Forbes, 50% of the enterprises are willing to spend more on AI & ML this year. With another separate survey suggesting that AI & ML increase the customer satisfaction by 10%, we know where this part is going when it comes to trends.


          The customer satisfaction is increased by some of the following experiences: 


  • Enabling real-time analytics, improving the customer support experience and optimizing a host of other things, artificial intelligence & machine learning have had a fair share of the benefits in the area of advertising.


  • AI-based chatbots, is there any service that ain’t using them in today’s world? These chatbots have made the customer experience so so easy that almost 50% of the customers are using them.


       2. Virtual Reality 

What marketing and the people involved in it do or are required to do is find out and give the best possible tools available to make the marketing efforts personalized, engaging and more interactive. VR is one such solution that has been making huge strides and will come up as a very competent solution come the years

Through its interactive and super engaging storytelling process, users or businesses can associate themselves with a real world experience which is certainly not possible through other means of promotions. It has come into focus already with a very large chunk of entertainment companies engaging themselves with 360 degree content.


    3. Blockchain

Another buzzword that has come across a lot in recent times and it is surely being looked at as a technology that will bring about a real transformation in the field. It is still at the stage of being explored but it is said that marketing and promotions will be able to solve most of their challenges using Blockchain solutions. 

There are a lot of potential privacy issues that customers face, others are verification of robots by several sites, these are some of the issues that are being looked to be solved by blockchain technology. You might be interested in some of the top blockchain trends to be followed in 2021.


   4.  Voice Marketing

Just have a look at this study to be able to understand the massive impact of voice marketing. The use of voice assistants and voice supporters are making a booming impact because of one exceptionally great reason - it enables contextual learning and permits the same with customers and clients. On-point-marketing is something that most businesses like to have a run-in on because of the context it provides. Voice technology is shaping up the marketing landscape in a very very large way and they’re looking forward to taking a personalized marketing strategy to a whole new level. 



We’re pretty much sure to say that Digital Marketing is going to change up the world in not only its own way but with a host of other technologies that come into play to make advertising more convenient and fruitful to do with. Businesses will rely on upcoming future trends in technology and use them as a tool to elevate their marketing experiences and make customers & clients happier than ever before.