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Our Projects



Client name:-

TAquaAge Inc.


Tokyo, Japan


Hadabon is a B2C cross-platform mobile & web application that connects users with experts (to find the perfect cosmetologist) and provides a rich audio, video, text chat experience from their homes. Users can book sessions with experts and can connect using their mobile devices including session extension and much more. It is built on a scalable API based backend & using state-of-the-art technology to support heavy traffic including the latest in microservice technologies.


  • Flutter
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • Redis
Hadabon App
Hadabon App
Hadabon App

Our Role:-

  • Business Validation, Technical feasibility & Technical Evangelism
  • Creation of Technical Requirements Specifications (SRS) [Business à IT Conversion]
  • Creation of Technical Architecture Document (HLD)
  • Complete HTML/CSS development – Responsive for three platforms
  • Ongoing Coding, Project Management, Code Review and other SDLC processes.
  • QA Testing, Manual, Unit-testing, E2E functional testing using Jenkins/JBehave and performance testing using JMeter (with Continuous Integration)
  • Setting up, Configuring, Writing scripts, and managing Jenkins for automated deployments


  • End-to-end WebRTC Search
  • Real-time mobile data sharing with pre-fetching & caching


  • Expert and User Registration & Profile (Facebook)
  • Personalised feeds for users based on interests with Experts posting content from social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Blogs)
  • Real-time chat between users and experts
  • Extensive review & ratings systems
  • Advanced searching across experts and content including filtering and sorting
  • Appointment scheduling module with availability slots for experts
  • Various types of personalised on platform notifications including mobile notifications for call reminders, etc.
  • Email notifications - including daily digest
  • Seamless Payments integration for collecting payments form users and distribution to Experts.
  • Rich Analytics for experts and admin.